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I made my way inside while waving my freelanceri hand and showing my phone to my mom, hopefully indicating my intention. She was surrounded by the other housewives, so she just nodded nervously at me. I found what I was looking for investitori in the kitchen and decided to stay with my phone while it charged. As it got closer to 11:30 the guest had begun to pop fireworks at a more steady pace, almost like a buffer for what was to take place at 12.

I never cared about fireworks, and being reminded how much of a loser I was by being by myself even on this holiday didn’t really deter me from just not giving a fuck about the livrare celebration. I just stayed hooked to my phone as if the charger was bringing life to both of us. 11:40, the acoustic crowd noise rang through the house as the backdoor open and closed while the faint sound of someone milioane stumbling inside made way after. “I… I’ll…get more…” my young beauty aunt said while stumbling passed the counter I was housing and crash landed on the couch.

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Added on: September 16, 2021