Loads of shlong engulfing pleasures


Thanks, Matt. she said, and started jerking my cock. You know, whenever I’d do this with Troy, I’d always pretend I was sucking your big, tasty cock. You’re serious?
“Yeah… Even last time, I imagined it being you, and I swear to god this is what I imagined it being like. This long, hard, beautiful cock. I want to suck it, and I want you to fuck me like a whore, and I want you to stretch out my asshole.”
“Wow. Just, wow.”
“Oh god, I’m sorry!” she said, letting go of my dick and covering her eyes. “You must think I’m a fucking freak!”
“No, Hannah. That’s not-”
“I just want you to do it with me like with Jordan.”
“Wait, you… you know about Jordan and me?”
“Are you kidding? Last Sunday, when Denise came over? For, like, the first time in two years? You two went straight up to your room, and that thing with the key? Come on. I knew you were fucking the moment she looked at you. What I never would have expected was for you to be fucking Jordan too!”

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Added on: April 30, 2021