Legend bobs drink at office..


Jenn came out of the bathroom with a big smile on stuttgart escort face. She went over to kiss him right on the mouth, telling him the shower is all his. She explained that Frank had already showered and was waiting for them to have breakfast. She and Mary were going down to meet with Frank and they would be waiting for him.

When he came down, Jenn greeted him with another hug and a kiss, telling him she had saved a chair for him. After breakfast, they all went up to their room to change into their bathing suits. When they got down to the pool, waky loved what he saw. Both girls looked stunning in their bikinis. They were in good taste, but they still looked great. As cherie looked around, he saw that all the girls in Jenn and Mary’s squad were looking good. He felt a pang uax of guilt that he was starting to check out the other girls, but not enough to look away.

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