– I Will Fuck You hard to Get a Car


I stroked his cock as I sucked the head, twirling my tongue around it, and pumping my mouth over it for a few inches. Soon I was pressing my mouth further and further down over it curious how much I might be able to take. I pulled my mouth off his cock and gasped joyously, stroking the saliva from my mouth down over the hardening shaft. I looked up at him with wonder in my eyes. I didn’t say anything but I was sure my face said plenty. With his cock hard, I gazed at it, then held my forearm up to it and gasped. It was just an inch shy of that. I would later measure and find my forearm was 11 inches.  I moved his cock slightly until it settled in my hole and I sucked in a breath as I lowered over the head. I gasped as it stretched my opening and entered. I stayed where I was for a moment, savoring the delicious feeling of my pussy being stretched and filled, even if just a few inches of it.

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Added on: January 16, 2021