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Karen took her mouth off her cock and smiled up at me. “Let’s find out, big boy.” I stepped back as she stood up, then she opened her jeans and slowly slid them down off her hips. Her legs were gorgeous, and between them was a telltale shape, a bump laying sideways across the front. I almost drooled. She said, “Here you go, lover,” and pulled her panties down. Out popped a stiff shaft about four inches long with its head showing through the foreskin. I knew I wanted it – and stepped in closer. I reached for her cock with one hand and under it with the other, where I found a wet, wet pussy. Now it was my turn. I knelt in front of her and leaned in. Sliding back the skin, I kissed her cockhead and licked all over and around it. I tongued inside her skin, and I could tell she liked it by her moan, then she said, “I need you, John,” and put her hands on the back of my head.

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