Anya Krey, Talia Mint, Scarlet & Anastasia Brokelyn


Eventually, even the girls had spent enough time at the mall and we decided it was time to go. Cherry’s Mom had called a few times to ask if she was ever ‘planning on coming home’—her way of saying you need to come home now. We arrived back at Olivia’s and Eliza collected her things from Olivia’s room. She didn’t want to go (of course), but she worried that if she put her off much longer, her Mom might come looking for her—and that wouldn’t go too well for any of us. I told her that I needed to go and get ready for work anyway; mostly to make her feel better about having to go home.
Escort Stefanie asked, “You’re ready to go back to work and give a hot blowjob ? When did that happen?”
I thought for a second and replied with a light sense of amazement, “I don’t know. I didn’t even think about it before. But I know I am ready. Maybe it was the story in the paper; maybe it was the extra time with you—a combination of both, perhaps?”

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